Fee/Category Type

Fee Amount


Account Management

Monthly Account Fee $1.95 per month If an account deposits under $500 within a 30-day period
$0.95 per month If an account deposits over $500 within a 30-day period
$4.95 per month Assessed after 30 days of inactivity2
Customer Support $1.95 per call Live Agent Customer Service (Calls pertaining to lost or stolen cards or reporting of fraud are free of charge)

Account Loading

Inbound ACH None Processing card loads via ACH initiated by the user
Outbound ACH $0.50 per ACH Processing card withdrawal via ACH initiated by the user

Making a Purchase

Card Signature Purchase None
Card Pin Purchase None
Foreign Transactions 3% of total transaction amount + exchange rate
Returned ACH File $1.00 per returned load
ACH Chargebacks $18.00 per chargeback

ATM Based Fees

ATM Withdrawal $2.00 per withdrawal1
ATM Balance Inquiry $0.50 per inquiry1
Declined ATM Transaction $0.50 per inquiry1
International ATM Withdrawal $4.50 per withdrawal1
International ATM Balance Inquiry $2.00 per inquiry1
International ATM Declined Transaction $0.50 per declined transaction1

Using The App

P2P Funds Transfer None
Split the Bill None
Mobile Top-Up Domestic None
Mobile Top-Up International $1.95 - $3.95 Varies by carrier
Mobile Check Deposit 2% or 5%, $5 minimum (varies by check type) Fees charged for immediate availability, only

Other Fees

Replacement card (for lost, stolen, or damaged cards) $5.00 per Card via standard mail4
$25.00 per Card via expedited shipping4

1 If you use a non-MoneyPass ATM for any transaction, including a balance inquiry, you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator, in addition to the fees charged by us, even if you do not complete a withdrawal. However, ATMs in the MoneyPass Network have no surcharges. To locate a MoneyPass ATM, visit

2 Inactivity is defined as no balance inquiry or credit/debit Account activity, excluding fees.

3 Fees can be viewed in the Boost Mobile Wallet app by selecting the desired product or service.

4 It may take 7-10 days for you to receive a Boost Mastercard via standard mail and up to seven days using expedited shipping.