Notice: Visa Cardholder Agreement Update


We are making changes to the Monthly Account Fee within the FEE SCHEDULE of the Cardholder Agreement for your Boost Mobile Wallet Prepaid Visa.

Effective Wednesday, December 13th 2017, the following changes are being made to your account terms:

Fee/Category Type

Curent Fee Amount

New Fee Amount

Account Management

 Monthly Account Fee* $4.95 Without a qualifying deposit. $9.95 Without a qualifying deposit.
$1.95 With a qualifying deposit. $1.95 With a qualifying deposit.

*To have a qualifying deposit you must load funds through ACH, Mobile Check Deposit and/or Visa ReadyLink® within the qualifying month. The qualifying deposit can be any amount; however, merchants may have a load minimum. The qualifying month is defined as one calendar month, i.e. January, February, March.

If you choose to reject these changes your account will be closed and will no longer be available for use.

To close your account contact customer care at 646-992-9091 and be prepared to provide your name, address and card number on the correspondence. Your request to close your account must be sent before Wednesday, December 13th 2017 in order to reject these changes.